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Testimonials from Vitiligo patients
July 6th, 2017 Now it's already few months for the treatments. I'm happy to inform you that I can see hopeful results. Keep on trust you further.
Thilini Pathirana, SRI LANKA
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May 17th, 2017, "We noticed spots on our little child's body, we had no idea what was going on; after a year noticing few more spots appearing, we searched for an ayurvedic doctor from India online. Dr. Ravish came to our attention. We contacted Dr. Ravish, and he made it very easy to understand what vitiligo is; and made us feel comfortable to build trust with his Ayurvedic treatment. We followed all his instructions carefully and did treatment for more than a year and finally he brought a smile on our child's face. The marks started fading away, and today we firstly Thank God who brought such a great doctor to us. Thank you Dr. Ravish, may God bless you." Om Namah Shivay.
Bijal Anand, U.S.A.
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April 22th, 2017. Hello Dr.Ravish, Hope this email finds you well. First of all I would like to thank and inform you that I noticed already good results after my first set of treatment. It's really encouraging and I would like to make a new set of treatment order. For this, I would very much appreciate if you can send me an email (Invoice) like the one attached, so that I can proceed with the payment via my Bank as I did last time. Best regards, JP
Jean-Pierre Mutsinzi, RWANDA
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April 14th, 2017. Hi everyone, Im Revathi From Malaysia. My mother notice some white patches behind my ear on March 2016. I have consume some modern medicine with cream to apply. After six months of consumptions the white patches started to fade and gone. But its started again at my lips. I become to worried because the Dr dosent promise me fully recovery. Then i have notice Ayurhealthline Vitiligo Treatment Kid through internet. I have consume the treatment kid for 3 months rite now and its shows lots of imporvement on my lips. black spot starting to apper after few weeks of consumptions. now its almost 70% cured. Only 30% more to go. Me and my family strongly recomened Vitiligo Treatment Kit. Its give back my inner strength to me. Thank you so much Dr. Ravish for being there to guide me always. Thank you. Regards; Revathi. - Obtained from our Google Business Page.
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March 8th, 2017. Hello doctor, My mother had used your medicines for few months earlier.She found a significant improvement.Almost all the white patches had been reduced.She wants to use the medicines for 1 more month especially for the finger patches.Can you send the payment instructions for 1 month medicines?thank you Regards Vidya
Vidya, Bangalore, India
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January 6th, 2017.Hello Doctor this Dipika 3688-W I am under your treatment since four months and i am very happy with the results.I am ordering my fifth medication set. So just wanted to consult that the process of this treatment will remain the same right?
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July 22nd, 2016. This treatment is most effective and give u best results within a few period.I personally thankful to Ayurhealthline India which they provide such a medicine for those people who actually ignore about this medicine effectiveness.Any one can accept this medicine and get effective result .So thanking from my side to Ayurhealthline and also congrats for achieving the Indian healthcare award 2016.Thanking you. Facebook post on Ayurhealthline page
Bedanga Barua, ASSAM
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July 3rd, 2016. Words cannot begin to thank you for all that you did for me. You made me feel comfortable & given confidence during a time that was pretty scary for me. Even i can't image that days before i met with Ayurhealthline. You are a great doctor with magic medicine and we are so glad(yes i got married just one month before) that you were the only the success one to help me back into my life. We will never forget what you were able to do for us. Now all the white patches has been gone by slowly & steadily. God bless you sir.
Sunil, Pune India
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July 3rd, 2016. I really appreciate it your treatment works very much and it is changing and I am relieved from stress.thank you. Doc may God bless you and I will refer many who have condition like mine.
Lloyd Karengo, Zimbabwe
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June, 30th 2016. I'm already two months with the treatment and I have pigmentation results . I am very happy with your product. now I am writing to request that you make me the quote to continue treatment for months 4 , 5 and 6. In the same way I require shipping via DHL. I require you to confirm me if valid data continue to perform the transfer in the first purchase of treatment for three months according to the attachment. I will be attentive to your answer.
Milton Rodrigo Santos, USA
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June 4th, 2016. Yes! I switch over from Homeopathy to English to Ayurveda from past 5 Years but of no use. One day saw and sent my pictures to Doctor. Without hope I switch over to Dr. Ravish sir's treatment. First month very irregular (never applied oil), second month I tried oil for 10 days i saw pinkish change on my nose and lips. Even my mom noticed that change and advised me to continue.... but i missed the diet this time. Still I saw good results. Just now i saw image which i sent to doctor three months ago.... i saw good change on leg, but i never applied oil to my leg.. From this month I will maintain diet too... sure will post all my pics.
Vijay Kumar G., A.P. India
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Disclaimer *Results may vary person to person*
December 23rd, 2015. Sir, Thank you very much, Almost 99% of my white patches has been cured through your medicine in 6 months. May i know how long I have to continue the medicine I am reordering treatment. My Name & reference No. 2810-w
Sunil N, Pune India
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December 15th, 2015. Hello doctor,I just make the payment of my second order. I will send you pictures after 4 months of treatment for you to see the progress ; I authorize you to publish these pictures on your site to show the effectiveness of your treatment. Doctor, I know someone who has lupus erythematosus , she suffers a lot , do you treat this disease ? Thank you for your answer. Best regards. Nadia Bonjour Docteur, Je viens d'effectuer le paiement de ma commande Je vous enverrai des photos après 4 mois de traitement pour que vous puissiez voir la progression ; je vous autorise à publier ces photos sur votre site pour montrer l'efficacité de votre traitement. Docteur, je connais une personne qui a un lupus érythémateux, elle en souffre beaucoup, est-ce que vous soignez cette pathologie? Merci pour votre réponse. Cordialement. Nadia
Nadia, France
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October 16th, 2015. Hello Dr kamal!! It has been a long time since I have consulted you on my vitiligo procedure!! Thankfully there has been good progress with dark spots appearing on my hands and armpits and other parts which is great as normally there would be no progress in these areas!! I was just wondering on how the treatment works? I was thinking about it and I thought that the body would produce all the white patches in the body where there is dead melanin and they would be re pigmented back to my skin colour. This would prevent the vitiligo from spreading and would cure it so that it wouldn't come back again! I'm not sure if this is correct, but I was just wondering how it works as the progress being made is so good that I am amazed that no other doctor could think of such a easy life saving cure!!! Thank you so much again !! You and your treatment have reassured me into believing that my vitiligo will eventually go away and that it won't happen again!! I am going to order another pack of treatment hoping that It would keep changing my vitiligo and having significant progress of re-pigmentation!!!!
Dunia, Australia
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October 11th, 2015. Dear Dr Kamal I am writing to inform you that I have about a month's treatment left and would like to know if it is possible for you to send the remaining medicines. Please let me know if there is anything you will be needing from me in order to make this possible. I am very happy to inform you that I have seen dramatic change in my Vitiligo and so have my family. Thank you. Kind Regards Yolisa
Yolisa, South Africa
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September 3rd, 2015. Hello doctor, My mother had used your medicines for few months along with diet changes..There is a significant improvement..most of all the white patches got reduced .pigmentation also happened in most of the places.
P Anasuya, Bangalore
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August 28, 2015 After taking medicine for one and half month my some of the patches is gone I m really thankful to you now I have more 14 days medicine on next month 10th sept again I will place order for more two month medicine. Regards Dibya Jyoti Paul 2806 -w/07072015
D Jyoti Paul, Bangalore, India
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August 18th, 2015. I have been taking the Vitiligo treatment for 6 mths & have seen marked improvement. My query is, I want to buy ONLY the Oral capsules not the topical because I have plenty supply of the topical which will last me for 2yrs!! Can I order for just the oral capsules which are: Anti-Vitiligo Capsules Pigment Catalizer Capsules Immuno Capsules. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Jeanette, Australia
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August 8th, 2015. Good evening dear doctor, i am going through the 1st one month treatment and the white patches(on both ear drum) are stop spreading now.And also now i can see some brown dots on the area. Now am very much confidence.😊😊 I almost finished d 1st batch medicine. Hardly i hv only only 5 days medicine. I will reorder today.My ref no. is 2810-W/09072015
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May 10th, 2015. Hi Dr Ravish I would like to get medications for six months. The areas which are exposed are now mostly covered with pigmentation but other areas like my back have white patches around the spine. Please could you provide next round of suitable medication. Many thanks for your help Kind regards
Renuka, Australia
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April 22nd, 2015. Dear Dr, I'm nearly finishing my 3rd course of Anti vitiligo kit now and there is very good improvement on legs. There is around 50% pigmentation on the legs, so its behaving quite well. I have now left with around 1 week of medicine, so please suggest on next course on how to continue. With Regards, Sanjeev D.
Sanjeev D., Bangalore, India
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January 3rd, 2015 Hi are you?This is Zeenat Osman from South Africa. .I ordered the vitiligo kit for Fatima ..Alhamdulillahh the treatment is working so well..already..All the best to you..and God Bless you Dr..I will forward some pictures..
Zeenat Osman, South Africa
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December 26, 2014 Dear sir,There are very improvment in white patched in two months. You are as like to god.very -very thanks sir.
Neelam Devi, Rajasthan
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October 24, 2014 Hi Doctor Ravish. This is Drishana here. I don't know how to thank you enough. I want to thank you for your medication which has helped me tremendously. I am seeing fabulous results in such a short time span. Small dots are appearing in the patches and now they are beginning to join together slowly. I have 2 months medication left and I would like to know how do I go about in re-ordering another 6 months medication with you. What is the procedure now? And how do I go about in paying you as last time i collected personally. Thanx a million Drishana C. South Africa
Drishana C. , South Africa
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After being on treatment for seven months there is a great change.I have currently run out of medicine but will order as soon as things stablise in my life.This medicine works well and fast.
E. Kafunga, Zambia
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sir,i want 2 say u that i hv seen very good result n improvement as d skin color is slowly cmng..(wll send snaps).the improvement was noticed by others also.i was busy fr some days,so cud not cntact u.i will order for medics soon..only d lips r improving slowly..regards A nath
A. Nath, 30 years, Assam
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Dear Respected Dr. Ravish Kamal, Greetings from Kathmandu! I completed one month medication. I found it working well. Thank you very much for providing me such effective medicines.
P Bhattarai, Nepal
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Dear Sir This is Pooja gupta from Mumbai, I am having your vitiligo treatment, my reference ID is 2108-W. With your medicine, there is remarkable improvement in white patches, many black dots have started appearing and this is giving me confidence that this can be cure. Thank you very much Sir.
Pooja gupta, MUMBAI
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hi Dr i am nilesh kamble from mumbai. i was treatment on white patch. now i m 75% ok on your medicin. Thanks for the best treatment.
Nilesh, Mumbai
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Good evening Dr. Ravish Kamal!!! I have completed the medicines and i need more medicines as the remaining areas of my body spots are almost negligible. Thank you very much for those wonderful medicines, so i want to order medications for one month. Please send me the bill to pay for the next course!!!
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Respected Dr Ravish kamal sir This is A. vinodraj from chennai i had a consultation on last month regarding the white patches on my lips well i had some 30% of improvement in my lower lips and 20% improvement on my upper lips after taking a month course and medicines are almost getting over so i need to have medicines for one more month and tommorow i will be sending the details of payment and atmost thank for your valuable guidance.Thank you sir
A.Vinodraj, Chennai, India
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Hello Dr, This is Hari & Sowmya,Nivriti's parents. We wanted to thank you for the treatment which you had suggested to my daughter 3 months ago,we see significant improvement in the treatment which you had suggested and we hardly now see the spot.We are still continuing the medication. Attached is her recent photo which we took yesterday.Also,attached are the initial photos which I sent to you before starting the treatment. I think we still have another month of medicine left, we want your advice on what are the next steps moving forward,so that it doesn't return again. Once again, Thank you .You made our life really happy. Hari & Sowmya
Hari & Sowmya, Ashburn, USA
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Hello Dr. Ravish Kamal, I have completed the medicines and i need more medicines as the remaining area of my lip spots are almost negligible,Thank you very much for those wonderful medicines, so i ordered medicines for another month. Payment has been made to your SBI account no. 31755184421 at SBI-0068 branch over here and is dated 15.07.2013. You can verify the same. I deposited it today. The SL. no mentioned in the bank transaction slip is 5675081. Please send the Anti vitiligo kit soon
P. Behera, ODISHA
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I am S.s.kynjing.I am vitiligo patient and I am undier medication from Dr R. KAMAL for last one month and very happy with 90 % success. plse advice on further treatment and I would like 2/3 months supply of medicine and ointments.My reference no -1764w.
S..kynjing, Meghalaya
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Hello Dr Ravish i m happy to inform u that small tiny skin colour dots i hav observed on some of the patches & positively waiting to see more n more.thank u so much for increasing my inner confidence.
Deepti, Goa
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Hi my name is sanketh.My mother's name is sujatha.This was a couple of years back when we came to know that my mom was suffering from thyroid and she started facing few other problems w..r.t. the skin (vitiligo)as well.That is when our family doctor recommended us to take treatment from Ayurhealthline. This treatment has helped my mom tremendously and the vitiligo problem is reduced by almost 85%.We are extremely greatful to the doctor.Thank you..:)
Sanketh, Bangalore
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Dear Sir, With reference to below mail i am taking medicine regularly, By grace of God and with your medicine i am finding improvement in my lips. White patch on my lips is gradually decreasing, around 20% of my patch is covered in my lips with pigmentation. Thank you much more, Than a greeting can say, Because you were thoughtful, In such a nice way. Need your suggestion on further improvements. Warm Regards, N Inamdar
N. Inamdar, Bijapur
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My name is B. Hemraj. I live in Middelburg, Mpumalanga. I have a daughter that will turn 7 in January next year. My wife and I were very disheartened in 2009 when we discovered my daughter had vitilgo. We tried many costly treatments of which some were rather traumatic for a child and in most cases were in despair. Over a short space of time the vitiligo spread rather rapidly and covered about 60% of her body and as expected had negative impact on her at school. I researched the net on a daily basis and discovered Ayurhealthline in June 2009. After initial consultation I was convinced that the treatment was safe and placed my faith that it must cure my daughter. I received the first batch of medication within three weeks from order as there is no EMS (speed post) service for South Africa from INDIA. With strict schedule and application of the treatment and some diet restrictions the first two weeks were simply amazing with a positive response where brown spots start to appear. After three months the re-appearance of the spots was simply phenomenal and a miracle indeed. We have to date been on the treatment for two years and there are only a few isolated spots which are taking slower than other areas but I have total faith that it will be healed soon. My daughter has recovered about 80% of all affected areas.
B. Hemraj. South Africa
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Dr Ravish I started my treatment with you in Oct 2010. I had big white patches round my eyes under nose,lips as well as both the ear lobes,center neck.Moreover i have patches all over my palm back ,elbow tips and big patches on my foot.Today with 8 months treatment i have 95% cured with my facial patches,for which I am extreamly grateful to you. The neck and elbow patches too are recovering fast.Initially i ws hesitant to take treatment online. But I believed in my god and and today i have no regretts for taking this decision.You guided me,listened to me patiently everytime,even if i repeatedly asked you the same questions throughout my treatment. One thing which i have experienced is that you have not only treated this disorder but have helped me built-up my lost self-confidence in me.I am extreamly thankful to you for this.Yes diet restrictions and pranayam also help in fast recovery. I also wish to get cured fully by next 7 to 8 months. May god fulfill all your wishes and you achieve all your goals in life.
shilpa 37 Goa
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Sir, morning. There is very good respose.i m about 50 % cured now. Sir u r God 4 me u have done a miracle. People like u r some one special persnonalities who has been sent on this earth to free the sufferes from their sufferings. May God keep u live for ever & for ever. Jah SH. Krishna
Dr. Prakash, MBBS, Himachal Pradesh
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hello dr ravish thank you for the attention you give. i'm very happy with the effects of my one month medecine use. i've seen better changes than any other medecine i use to take for the past 20 years.white patch have became more darker (pink or red). i've some little brown dots on almostall of the areas where i've the white patch. never the less i would like to lnow if it is possible to have one more jar of oil even if i have to add a suppy because i have a lot of one patch and it didn't last the hole month. i'will add the pictures next month. regards hailu
Hailu 25 years, Female, FRANCE
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Hello Dr.Ravish sir.. I started my vitiligo treatment last year(2009) in the month of july the time when i was totally out of my mind i dont know where to go cause no one is taking a responsibility that i will be recovered one day but after your treatment i am totally satisfied with it and found out that leucodarma is tretable. Thanks to dr kamal that he supported a lot on mental front also . i am out of treatment and cured now and leading normal life with confidence i. i again want to thank my doc that he is very patient and understanding one. I experienced now that vitiligo & leucoderma is curable. Thanks Avhijeet Pandey Noida
Avhijeet Pandey , NOIDA
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Wednesday, May 05, 2010 Hi… I am Vasudev, an engineer from Bangalore… I have consulted all most all skin specialists across the country by mails, chatting, in person or by phone. Where ever I go, I used to hear a word “Steroid”. All most all the doctors who assured me the best result were also giving steroids in order to control the spreading of white patches. I don’t prefer steroids for any kind of disease. Then I have started my hunt in web and happened to meet Dr. Ravish Kamal from Ayurhealthline. Initially I felt a bit hesitation in getting treatment online. After speaking to Dr. Ravish many times, finally I have decided to get treatment. Actually the patient is my wife ‘Gouri’, my one and only adorable person in this planet after my mother. Initially she was very cute and adorable. From last 2-3 years, she was very much depressed in such a way that, she was not at all ready to meet any doctors even for fever or something else. Those white patches were spreading like anything. Some how myself and Ravish convinced her for the treatment and the same has been started from June 2009. Today (5th May 2010), my love says ‘God is there na…’ A drastic, considerable change can be seen on her skin and face as well. Around 60% – 70% of patches are disappeared. Even she is coming out of depression. I am really grateful to Ravish.. I just love his patience. Hats off Doctor !!! Hats Off to you… And God bless U tooooo !!! Vasudev Bangalore
Vasudev Tantry
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Hi Dr Many congrats on launching the blog which will go a long way to eradicate vitiligo. I am indebted to Dr Ravish for a miracle that I am lucky to witness in my case. I have had vitiligo of a segmental nature on my legs since 1969 and the traetment was effective in part and stagnant patches remained on my knuckles. Since 2007 the pld patches started coming back and with a number of new patches on hands as well.Again I must thank Dr Ravish for a miracle treatment at Ayurhealthline and as a result of that since 10feb2009 I can say that 35-45% patches have disappeared and best part being an absolute stoppage of new spots apart from a few . Also I am so hapy for this divine miracle treatment and my stagnant patches of 35-40 years are squeezing from sides. I am hoping for the miracle to continue and wish all the best to my fellow bloggers . * Results may vary person to person
Sunil, Dubai
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I wanted to express my gratituted , and thanks for helping my sister who was suffering from lucodrama, on her both legs. Around approximately two years ago i came to know about Ayurhealthline, through a common friend who recommended the medicine very strongly, as he knew how my sister was dipressed and used to feel low always about the problem of vitiligo she has, she was suffering this patchase since last five year(s), belive me we tried every possible medicine , from allopathey to homeopathy, which forget helping but harmed her otherwise .since , my friend recommended it so strongly we thought of giving a try. and my sister started using Dr Kamal’s medicine and Miraculously within a one n half months she started showing positive results, she follwoed the instructions of dr kamal, and day by day she started imprvoing ,and she also felt entuastic about the whole situation . First on her white patches many of skin colour dots appreared which formed in to a normal skin, patches not only started shrinking but the new patches also started disappearing and it completed stoped showing new pathches . Once my sister had gone in to depression thinking that she wont get cured,and wont be able to enjoy normal life, but now she is smiling back with the confidence, thanks to Dr Ravish kamal , and his Auyrhealthline, I must tell you one thing here, i must have asked dr Ravish thousands of question about the desease during her course of medicine, but each time doctor gave us petient and help ful answer(s), he is so kind and helpful and always explained the situation very nicely. Today my sister has recovered almost 90% of her patches, today my sister is smiling again, and started dreaming again like other normal girls, thanks to dr ravish and auyrhealthline, Today me and my family is thankful to Dr Ravish for helping us in all aspect of treatment. All my best wishes and warm regards to Dr Ravish Kamal & Ayurhealthline with a request continue to help the other sufferer who are suffering from vitiligo.
Neeta, Mumbai
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Dear Dr. Ravish Pls find attached photos of my son Hamza Shahid. I am grateful to Allah and then you on your wonderful medicines to treat vitiligo for my son Hamza Shahid. * Results may vary person to person As you will see that he is almost cured from his white patch on top of his left eye. I cannot describe my feeling while writing this email. My wife and I are very happy and we went through a hard time and applying all your diet conditions were not as easy as it might look. But we did and got the result we wanted. White patches are gone. Thank you doctor again. My wife and I am applying for Indian Visa just to visit you and personally thank you for your wonderful treatment. If I can sum it all up.... its incredible and unbelieveable result. As I cosnulted all top Skin specialist here in Riyadh and in the UK. All gave me no hope but you came with +ve results. One thing I would like to stress and advise to other patients, must stick to diet plan... Its not as easy as it looks. Diet plan plus your medicines works wonder. There are times when you are lazy and cannot be bothered with diet plan but it has to be followed. Dr.Ravish you are excellent... You can put my email in your website if you like
Shahid, Riyadh, K.S.A.
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I had 15 year old history of white patches. My hands, elbow, back was highly affected. I have tried Allopath, Homeopath and general herbs. Even tried some known creams from US but found not useful. Now after 10 months of my treatment from Ayurhealthline I can say I am 100% done. I am saved by Ayurhealthline. I have recommended many people here for the safe & effective treatment from Ayurhealthline.
Savita S., 32 yrs, Malaysia
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I am very grateful to Dr.Ravish for his amazing invention of anti vitiligo medicines. I had lost all hopes before this treatment from Ayurhealthine. I have 20 year old history of vitiligo. I had white patches over my hands, fingers, palm, palm back, lips, nose, ear back, fore head and legs. As an entrepreneur I felt very embarrassed in meeting my clients and life was very tough & stressful before. After one month of treatment from Dr.Ravish I felt my nose & ear back patches shrinking. Now after 10 months of treatment you cannot find me a leucoderma patient as my facial patches are gone completely. Amazingly my palms also covered almost 80 % which was next to impossible. I have advised Dr.Ravish to publish my photographs on his website for the sake of many vitiligo sufferers to get right direction. My hand, finger & leg patches are also covered almost 50 % and I think in next one year I will be back to normal. I don’t have words to thank Dr.Ravish. I recommend Ayurhealthline ‘s anti vitiligo treatment to everyone for complete satisfaction.
Perminder Singh, 28 years, New Delhi
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I tried different products for my 8 year old son but no relief. He had a (3cm X 3cm) patch on his face just below his left eye. In December 2006 in Anti Vitiligo Camp at Patna I have started taking treatment for my son from Dr.Ravish. In six months the facial patch has covered completely and after that I have continued his medicines only for his immunity power. Now my son is fit & fine. Thanks for the treatment Dr.Ravish.
Amarender Singh, Darbhanga, Bihar
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After 8 months of treatment from Ayurhealthline now I am almost 80% recovered from white spots which were on my face, forehead ,earback,palmback,palmback and both knee joints. I think after 2 more months with these herbal medicines I will be 100% okey.
Vaisali , 18 years, U.P.
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I was suffering from white patches since past 14 years. Before coming to Ayurhealthline I had tried almost all types of treatment but with no results. Even a particular type of treatment aggravated my patches once. But in Ayurhealthline with oral and applicable herbal medicines, my patches started converting darker only after 15th day of treatment. Afterwards some patches are now closed and some are in process of closing. Now I can say that after 6 months of treatment from Ayurhealthline I am almost 70% recovered. Now I am feeling more confident as my face is almost 100% recovered. Rest patch areas are also recovering faster. Thanks to Ayurhealthline for returning my self esteem…
S.S.Rana, 42 years, Haryana
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It all started with my 4 year daughter soon after her intestinal infection 11 month back. In US i have tried almost everything including Allopath, Homeopath, even Ayurveda but the white patch on my daughter’s belly & foot remained unaffected. But after taking treatment from Ayuhealthline the patches are squeezing .There is remarkable improvement seen till now. Also her digestion is now much better. I hope after 4 – 5 months she gonna get her skin colour back completely. Hatt’s of to Ayurhealthine.
Shelly, NJ, USA
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I had one white patch on my right ear lobe. I was in depression due to my white path as every morning I woke up searching a new patch. It was hindering my life. Six months back I have started treatment from Ayurhealthline. Month by month the patch on the earlobe got covered & now I am 100% okay. Thanks to Dr.Ravish for his invention.
Rohit Verma, 29, Lucknow
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I have started my Vitiligo treatment from Ayurhealthline five months back. I am getting very fast results from the herbal medicines. It’s really amazing as from this distance & without my personal visit I am getting a wonderful treatment from Ayurhealthline.All the time I have ordered it online. I had large circular white patches over my palm backs & fingers. One small patch was on my lower lip margin which is now almost closed. I am very much satisfied with the results coming & after 3 – 4 more months I think I will be alright for my scheduled marriage.
Neha, 27 years, Mumbai
Disclaimer *Results may vary person to person*
Being to specialist and knowing I am having Vitiligo can't be cured really broke me to pieces. Amazing changes started happening after i started with Ayurhealthline. White patch on the right side of my nose begin to show results after 1 month, the skin begins to heal gradually til it is fully covered in 3 months. Coming to the 5th month of taking Ayurhealthline and with Dr. Ravish's advice on my diet i begin to see more improvements, pores on my back patch are darkening almost 90% and some patches on my both thighs and torso are also shrinking and i could feel my skin glowing and lips turning pink and no longer PALE. At the moment, the spreading is under control and im so happy about the results im getting as i have patches all over my body from face to foot. Ayurhealthline have changed my life for good and i cannot wait to be healed completely. Thank you Dr Ravish for creating magic.
Lorra, Malaysia
Disclaimer *Results may vary person to person*
I am a mother of 12 year old boy from Delhi. My son was suffering from leucoderma since 10 years. We have tried AIIMS, Gangaram, Army hospital and various jari buti type of thing from haridwar also but of no use. We have lost all hopes and finally stopped all treatments from last two years as every time we tried a medicine, it started spreading always. So we thought not to use any medicine. But what is in your destiny, you never know. My brother told me about Dr.Ravish and after many reminders from my brother i visited Dr.Ravish this year in May 2009 with my son who has almost 60% vitiligo affected face, neck ,chest, both hands and feet. We started casually for one month & then for second month. Within mid of second month we saw much brown dots over face and neck. We were very surprised to see the dots as we have already gone through many prestigious hospitals without results. Now in brief i can say my son is now 50% cured as his face patch has already gone and we can see fast progress in other areas too. May God bless you Dr.Ravish.
M.Jain, Delhi
Disclaimer *Results may vary person to person*
My seven year daughter has large vitiligo spots over her entire body including her face. As a guardian we have been to so many doctors allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic but no results. Then one day our nearby lady who was already in online treatment with Ayurhealthline told us about this treatment and good results in her case after using anti vitiligo medicines from Dr.Ravish. We immediately rushed to Dr.Ravish and after consultation we have built lot of hope that our daughter got cured of vitiligo finally which we have not listened from any other doctor in our past treatments. But the confidence of Dr.Ravish made us hopeful. Finally we started the treatment. Within first fifteen days we saw lot of redness over her entire patches which we confirmed as a good sign from Dr.Ravish. We the saw brown dots over her face(below eye) & neck patches and month after month she got normal skin at least I can say 70% by the end of seven months. My daughter is very happy now as she gained lot of her confidence back as we have seen the little girl going towards depression at times. All thanks to Dr.Ravish for saving my child’s life.
Suhani , Hisar(Punjab)
Disclaimer *Results may vary person to person*
We have seen lots of websites for latest vitiligo treatment with lots of guarantee but after going through the words of we have decided to take online treatment from Dr.Ravish. I have ordered for three months first. After one month i have seen shrinkage in my forearm patches which i had updated doc. that time. Initially i felt some itching on my patches which has gone after one week. Now after 16 months of treatment i am fully cured of vitiligo. I am also feeling that my immunity has gone up as i am not feeling tired in evening at all. Thanks to Ayurhealthline and i recommend all vitiligo patients to get treated from AHL.
Manish Awasthy, 29, Bangalore
Disclaimer *Results may vary person to person*
First of all i felt quite hesitant in treating online but after filling the online consultation of Ayurhealthline & chatting with Dr.Ravish i was 75% convinced and ordered the Anti vitiligo kit for two months for my 10 year old vitiligo which was on my chest , neck, fingertips and around lips. I felt surprised that after ordering it came on 3rd day. After getting instructions i have started it as per the doses. With all hopes i found redness on my face patch the 3rd day..Then no looking back. After almost 14 months of treatment from Ayurhealthline, I am now normal as the wonder herbs from Dr.Ravish worked amazingly for me in past 14 months so that i am back to normal now. I observed positive thinking & faith on medicines you are taking is a key factor in this treatment. I wish i can give a right direction to many vitiligo patients, so i keep on referring them to Dr.Ravish.
Suhail, 29 years, Dubai, UAE
Disclaimer *Results may vary person to person*
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July 6th, 2017 Now it's already few months for the treatments. I'm happy to inform you that I can see hopeful results. Keep on trust you further. ...
Thilini Pathirana, SRI LANKA
May 17th, 2017, "We noticed spots on our little child's body, we had no idea what was going on; after a year noticing few more spots appearing, we sea ...
Bijal Anand, U.S.A.
April 22th, 2017. Hello Dr.Ravish, Hope this email finds you well. First of all I would like to thank and inform you that I noticed already good resu ...
Jean-Pierre Mutsinzi, RWANDA
Disclaimer *Results may vary person to person*
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